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What Others Are Saying

Support Raising Training class:

I appreciated the wealth of materials offered.  From the 30 Minute Conversation to the Spiritual Foundations, to the phone call script, all materials were informative and beneficial to getting organized.  I feel very prepared to begin support raising. L.G.


What I appreciated most were the tools provided to enable my support raising. B.H.


Support raising training encouraged me that my budget will not come from the willingness of the people around me, but from God’s heart.  Additionally, the folks that are led to give are not just paying my bills, but instead partnering with what God is doing through Chi Alpha on our campus. J.M.


The biggest benefit I received from attending the Support Raising Training was to look at it with the right perspective.  God is the one who provides and moves on people’s hearts – it’s my job to pray and listen to the Spirit and give people the opportunity to support God’s ministry. H.S.


One of the biggest benefits I received was the emotional and spiritual truths found in fundraising. Fundraising is no longer an issue of guilt for me, rather I look at is as an opportunity to bless and be blessed. N.G.

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