Virtual Support Raising Training, May 22-23, 2021

This is a live zoom conference, you'll join other missionary leaders taking the class. The classroom is interactive as the facilitator presents. Your pre-work is the foundation for your training to equip you to raise support and fully fund your ministry. This is a fast-paced, two day, 3-hour training, plus 1-hour peer practice breakout . Buckle your seat-belt, get prepared and you'll raise your support quicker than you ever thought possible!


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30-Minute Presentation (for one-on-one meetings)
5-Minute Presentation (for large or small groups)
90-Second Presentation (to obtain one-on-one appointments)
Your Own Support Raising Goals and Strategy

Webinar Course Dates (training builds from each session):
Saturday, May 22nd, 10:00AM - 2PM  EST, (Adjust for time Zone)
Sunday, May 23rd, 3:00PM - 7PM  EST

Pre-Work, 10 Hours to complete.
Two Live video conference calls  (Skill Demonstrations, Training and Q & A)
Peer practice breakout sessions
THIRTY docs/web forms
Support Raising Manual - 119 pages

COMPLETE your PRE-WORK by May 22nd, 2021, to receive a $16 refund. (Net conference cost = $138)

ZOOM Conference Call link available to you upon sign-up.   All sessions will be recorded.


Example Videos
  • 5-Minute Presentation 
  • 30-Minute Conversation 
Communication with Potential Donors
  • User Profile
  • 30-Minute Conversation
  • 5-Minute Presentation
  • 90-Second Conversation
  • Media Assignment - Slides
Spiritual Preparation
  • Scriptures
  • Overcoming Roadblocks and Godly Beliefs
  • Fortresses
  • Faith and Finance Message
Getting Organized
  • Support Raising Goals
  • Action Chart
  • Wrestling Prayer Team
  • NameStorming Form
  • Connecting with Referrals-Name Storming
  • Connecting with Referrals-Email
  • Connecting with Referrals-Letter
  • Connecting with Referrals-Phone Scripts
Promo Material
  • Brochure - Example
  • Brochure - Sample I
  • Slides - Sample I
  • Slides - Sample II
  • One Page Plan - Sample I
  • One Page - Sample II
  • Coaching Helps
  • Support Raising Checklist
  • Overview Support Raising
  • Schedule
  • Social Media & Support Raising
  • SRT Manual
  • The Blues or Depression
  • How bad do you want it
  • Prayer Letter Instructions
  • Support Raising Dinner I
  • Support Raising Dinner II
  • Finishing Strong


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