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US Missions Candidate Orientation, Spring 2019 Pre-Work

This class and Pre-Work materials are to be completed by MARCH 18, 2019  as preparation for the Spring 2019 Candidate Orientation. Plan you time as it will take 12 hours to complete.   First, click Create an Account below.  Record your user name and password. When asked, enter the class code (obtained from US Missions).  Then return to, login and follow instruction for Pre-Work.

If you've already completed a previous class and have an account, login, then enter class code.  Complete all of the materials in this new class.  Copy and paste materials as needed.   To bring over your 30-Minute Conversation from a previous class: Click on 30-Minute Conversation link, click on "breadcrumb" 5e, click submit, click dashboard, click class, verify your 4 reports are present. A refresh page may be needed. 

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