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Coaching Resource - Support Raising Weekly Update Goals

This resource is only for people who want tools to use with a support raising coach.  This group of tools includes spiritual foundations and coaching resources.  It also gives you forms to create and track your Weekly Goals, and overall Support Raising Goals (see complete list below).  To use the tools in this package the pre-requiste is to have gone through a Support Raising Training (SRT) Class with Chi Alpha, US Missions, World Missions or some other organization.

Scroll down for coaching tool titles and to register for resources.  Then use your Class Code for access.  

If you qualify for these coaching tools, send Gregg an email explaining your qualification (as described above) to receive your Class Code. 

If you need support raising training contact if your are looking for a complete package of training to develop your support raising skills: 30 Minute Presentation, 5-Minute Presentation, 90-Second Conversation, etc. 


Weekly Update Goals

Folder 1 - Intro Material
  • User Profile
  • Missionary Vision and Call
  • Support Raising Goals
  • Schedule
  • Action Chart
Folder 2 - Spiritual Foundation
  • Overcoming Roadblocks and Godly Beliefs
  • Fortresses
  • Scriptures
  • Faith and Finance Message
  • Wrestling Prayer Team
Folder 3 - Coaching
  • Overview Support Raising
  • Overview: Support Raising Coaching
  • Coaching Helps
  • Social Media & Support Raising
  • The Blues or Depression 



Then Three Steps:

1. Site Registration: click link below, register on website (record user ID and password).

2. Class Code:  Enter code from Gregg (or your ministry leader)

3. Click Coaching Resource "Class": Click each folder, click each form or download document.  

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